Friday, December 5, 2008


coffee pills and alcohol
caffeine a daze and a nice sleep
wake up withdraw
for the last time
the alcohol looks like
water and oxycontin
knows something i don't
2 days later i'm tired
of wetting my bed.

i kissed a girl
and my face
Fell to the ground
i find beauty in a doorway
in a soda can
thrown out in the street
for everyone to make fun of
i found a little bit of
heroin at the bottom
but that wasn't what caught
me by the heart
it was the girl
who took me in that
and then dumped me the next
and i kept
walking to find
the next can

the day i went away from
my body was the day I
saw you in a restaurant
in another state
in a different place and I wasn't
here to find anyone but we came from
different places on the place mat and you
took my eyes

i need to find you again.

you took my eyes for 30 minutes
I could see you across the room
and you were
the only one that took
my mind off all my pain for just a
i never looked longer than
that and that's when i knew
you would never be right for
jessica k. !!!!!


i am not scared of anyone.

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