Thursday, December 4, 2008


i went to school
with a cane
went up the elevator
i made a hat yesterday
it makes me feel nice
someone took it away from
and i suddenly lost
everything i had gained
everything i had wanted
in life
went away.
my only ambition
my only hope


today i went to school and i didn't like it very much. i have to present a website tomorrow in class, and i don't want to. i might skip. i make people smile in math

I had a test in chemistry i failed definitely and I got out early. I ended up talking to Erin for half an hour. I left my class at 250, I could've gone home, but I was enjoying myself so I stayed. I left. me and my cane. I'm home. I layed in bed for 20 minutes and I'm getting thai tonight. Alone.
I want to kiss someone.

I still can't really believe I woke up in the middle of getting my nerves burned. I'm waiting for my back to start hurting for real

for real

i just had some alcohol though so i guess i fucking delayed my feelings. I suck.
I don't think.

let's make out


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