Tuesday, December 2, 2008

everyone is dying

everyone is dying
the lamps still hold the light bulbs
that somehow become unscrewed
and the table wobbles
the light flickers
until you get annoyed
and try to screw it tighter
only to be burned

break every bone in your
body just trying to turn the light
back on yeah
it doesn't quite work that way
but we can try

you want this
so badly
you'd do anything
committing suicide is the only thing
you could possibly think of
you never even tried
to screw the light bulb
back into place
because it was just too far away
in a place like this
you laid down
and couldn't get back
up without the help of a cane
and you had no pills in your system you
were lying on the floor crying
and crying and when we found you
your body had dried up and
all we found was your liver.

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